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Ummm... Why NOW is the Best Time to Sell Your House

What a wonderful time of year!  It's funny to me that I used to think the Real Estate business would slow down around the holidays.  Well, here is my confession.  Several years ago (back in the days of faxing) I found myself shoving an offer into my home fax machine on Christmas Eve morning.  I got up before anyone in my house because if my husband or children found out I was working on a sacred family holiday, well... they would not have been so happy with me.  
Fast forward to two years ago when I received a call on Christmas day that my buyer's offer had been accepted.  ON CHRISTMAS DAY people!

Now, before you call me and ask me to show you homes on Thanksgiving or Christmas because that is where I draw the line, I do want you to consider that people buy houses during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  In fact, many corporate relocations happen at semester so children can make a clean break in school.

I can give you more examples:  Sliding across town on ice in the middle of December to meet a seller who was volunteering as a bell ringer at the mall.  We signed a contract on the boxes in the catalogue department at the Battlefield Mall.  Last year, we put two houses under contract in the middle of  a snowy week  because that is when our buyers where ready to buy.  Fortunately, we now have technology that enables us to sign documents on line and forward them to our clients who only need to be moderately tech savvy.  (The face that I am writing this blog is a testament that I have mastered some technical skills thanks to Christa and Vicki who work hand in hand with me to make Real Estate happen for you and The Stowe Realty Group at Keller Williams Realty.)

So, everyone wants a list... Christmas list, shopping list, to do list, honey do list.  Here is our list of reasons explaining why you should consider listing your house during the next  few weeks:

1.  There are motivated buyers in the market that must buy for taxes purposes.  Uncle Sam is salivating at taxing the money they need to reinvest.

2.  There are fewer houses on the market this time of year.  That tends to make the market more of a seller's market.  Translation?  More money for you...

3.  Many people, unless they are wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of retail, have more free time to look this time of year.  Who knows?  They might come carolling at your house.   (Get it?  Wrapped up... ha ha) 

4.  Emotions are high during the holiday season.  Want a house?  Best time to ask your husband to save him the hassle of going to the mall on December 24.  Just saying'!

5.  The holiday season is all about family.  Uh, where do you put your family?  In a house, of course!

6.  Have you noticed gas prices?  Well, I'll tell you a little secret.  Are you ready?  No one likes to pay high gas prices.  Prices are lower these days.  Buyers will feel a little extra cushion in their budget.  Who knew?

7.  Many sellers choose to wait until January thru March to list.  The competition can get fierce in the Spring and Summer when you want your house to stand out from all of the other umpteen sellers.

8.  Many sellers want to stay in their house one last time.  Many buyers understand this, and they may arrange a delayed closing to allow you to trim the tree in your family homestead one more time.  I have seen this happen!

9.  Want the power of negotiation?  Sell now, and then you have the benefit of all kinds of houses after the first of the year..  

10.  Don't forget that your house usually smells yummy this time of year.  With all of the baking and decorating, you can give potential buyers the warm fuzzies over your house this time of year.  Take that seriously and put some freshly baked cookies and a pot of fresh coffee on your kitchen counter with a note telling your potential buyers how much your want them to feel welcome in your home.   Most buyers buyers  want to know the "story" of the sellers.  Let them know you are good people by sending them that message.  Food works!
Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favourite time of year.  Make it a holiday your family will never forget and call The Stowe Realty Group at Keller Williams Realty at 417.459.3838.  We love what we do and our customer service is pretty darn good!

Break out the cider, eggnog and have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!

Christa Bryan, Vicki Rische and me, Susan Stowe!



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