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And the new interest rates are...
Why Real Estate?
Ummm... Why NOW is the Best Time to Sell Your House


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And the new interest rates are...

What a beautiful day!  Beautiful temperature, the sun is shining, and.... The stock market did what???  The silver lining in all of this would be that interest rates fell over the weekend to 3.75%.  How amazing is that?

When you are thinking of buying or selling, please consider The Stowe Realty Group.  We are armed with the latest technology, the best marketing in the area, and the resources to help you though the process.  Always growing and looking for ways to serve you better, we are ready for the challenge.

Why Real Estate?

I hear it all of the time.  "I just love looking at houses!"  While this is true for the most part, there is so much more to Real Estate than watching HGTV and showing beautiful, staged, and marketable homes.  And most buyers don't only look at three homes, go under contract, and get moved like in the 30 minute shows.

As I sit in my office on this blustery 6 degree morning, I'm reminded that I have skidded across town on ice to present offers, signed contracts on trash can lids out in front of the hospital, sat with clients who were in labor during closings,  shown houses in the dead of winter when there is no heat in homes, and I've shown homes in the peek of the summer where your strength is just zapped by the heavy heat.

Ummm... Why NOW is the Best Time to Sell Your House

What a wonderful time of year!  It's funny to me that I used to think the Real Estate business would slow down around the holidays.  Well, here is my confession.  Several years ago (back in the days of faxing) I found myself shoving an offer into my home fax machine on Christmas Eve morning.  I got up before anyone in my house because if my husband or children found out I was working on a sacred family holiday, well... they would not have been so happy with me.  
Fast forward to two years ago when I received a call on Christmas day that my buyer's offer had been accepted.
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